Writers’ Block

Do you ever want to run an idea by someone? Whether it’s a blog post, story idea or news article? I’m sure at some point you want to get the honest opinion of someone who knows a thing or two about writing.

For me, it’s a matter of discussing plot points and character flaws, for someone else it might be viewpoint, or historical data, and to another, whether that saying is politically correct or a load of bigotry. Whatever it is, sometimes, just sometimes, we need that body of writers we can bounce our ideas off, and garner genuine feedback, the likes of which you and I both know, a lay person might not be able to provide.

This here Writers’ Block (Ja) was created to fill that gap we as writers come across more often than not.

Why ‘Writers’ Block’?

82da7cb19ca8ee19f6808aecdf91cbadA writers block is referred to that thing that prevents writers from doing what they do best, or at least, try to do best, or love the best. A writers block can be anything and often takes many forms.

I use the term Writers’ Block to change the negative connotation of the term and make it fun and exciting, something to embrace instead of fearing, something to build on instead of circumventing.

We are Writers, and this is our Block, our Jam, our Zone of . . . I want to say Danger, but I know that phrase is already taken.

So yeah . . .

WELCOME TO . . . Writers’ Block (Ja).


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